Technical specifications

Technical specifications of the Tabriz power plant's thermal units:

1- Boiler: power plant's boiler was manufactured by Stein(France) Company. This boiler is drum type with forced water circulation and its furnace is pressurised .It consists of three super heater &two re-heater stages.
Each boiler has 20 burners mounted at 5 levels on the four corners.
During crude oil consumption, 16 upper burners are put into operation.
The main fuel of the power plant is natural gas. During peak load, it consumes 185000 cubic meter gas fuel. The second fuel consumed by power plant is crude oil that is supplied by the Tabriz refinery through a pipeline.
Crude oil consumption of units is 3200 tons per 24 hours during peak load.
Condition of steam generated by boiler is as follows:
Steam flow: 1134t/h
Steam temp: 538° C
Steam press: 178 kg/cm2

2-Turbogenerator: Tabriz power plant's turbo generator has been manufactured by Hitachi.  Turbine is made of 8-stage high pressure &5-stage medium pressure and double stage low pressure cylinders which are arranged on a single axial.
The capacity of generator is 445 MVA and its excitation system consists of main & intermediate exciter. It is equipped with automatic voltage regulator.
Output voltage of generator is 20 kilovolts.

3-Cooling tower: The Tabriz thermal unit's cooling tower is wet type tower.
Water consumption of power plant is 1800 cubic meter per hour. 900 cubic meter of Water is provided to power plant through a pipe line taken from Zarrine River and 900 cubic meter of water is supplied by 14 wells.